CertHub is driven by a solution-focused founding team with experience in regulatory and B2B software

Leon Kobinger

CEO Business Development & Product
Leon has 10 years of working experience in highly regulated industries developing compliant products from dental AI diagnostics, flying drones to surgical equipment.
He has personally led and managed the certification process for two medical devices suffering the same problems our customers have. Based on this tech experience, he realized that there had to be a more efficient software-based way to get medical devices approved and continuous compliant. 

Jonas Bayer

COO Product, Sales & Operations
Jonas previously founded a B2B SaaS startup and onboarded 800 customers to the software platform. Prior to that, he worked for a top management consultancy as well as a software corporate and built software applications for his clients as a freelancer.
He has experience in product development including software engineering, marketing and sales.

Nicolas Gehring

CTO Technology
Nicolas worked in the data engineering and AI team to manage a cloud software with 20 million users.
He worked as fullstack developer for two B2B SaaS startups, including medical software, experiencing first-hand the pain of MDR software regulation.

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#1 to automate regulatory processes to launch medical products years faster

Our mission is to empower medical device manufacturers to bring innovative medical products and cutting-edge technologies faster to the market for the best possible patient care.
To do this, we help medical device manufacturers automate tedious regulatory work based on our structured data approach, enabling AI capabilities and workflow automation to become audit-ready with the push of a button. While ensuring 100% compliance, the certification process is accelerated by years and companies save significant costs.

Customer centricity, efficiency and 100% reliability

We collaborate closely with our partners and customers to transform the internal quality and regulatory processes to exceed expectations. We question the status quo and improve our software platform rapidly and continiously.
We are aware of the regulatory responsibility that our work and our software carries, and we act in a forward-looking manner in accordance with ethical, legal, and privacy requirements to stay for decades.
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CertHub offers software for digital QMS and Technical Documentation to enable medical device manufacturers to launch their products years faster.
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