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CertHub transforms regulatory compliance

and makes life for quality assurance, engineers and consultants easier.
With an intuitive digital representation of the certification process, we help our customers to move from Word and Excel based approaches to a streamlined and efficient user experience.
We help our users to work with consistent and structured data to unlock report generation at the push of a button and easy and fast description of their Quality Management System and Technical Documentation.
We ensure security with access controls, digital signatures and GDPR compliance.

Compliance is mandatory.
Complexity is not.

81% of MedTech companies see the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) as the biggest obstacle to innovation.¹
CertHub helps MedTech companies to launch their products up to 3 Years faster on market for new products and 30% less work in day-to-day operation.
Reduce time to launch your product up to 60% and continuous certification up to 30%

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"We streamline regulatory compliance, so you don’t have to."
Leon Kobinger, CEO